January 2005

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Planning a Product Years in Advance

When developing a new product that will eventually ship years after the planning stage, it’s important to remember that the competitive landscape will be very different when the product actually ships. When Office 97 was originally entering the planning stages in 1994, Netscape did not exist and Microsoft employees did
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Language Oriented Programming

About eight months ago, I wrote about a major paradigm shift in programming within the next three years. This shift would mark the emergence of graphical source code editors and allow developers to manipulate the deep structure of code directly. There’s been major discussion in the blogosphere recently on this
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Google - Extension of the Brain

I was just reading a Slashdot post on the top 25 innovations of the past twenty-five years. CNET has been counting down each invention for some time now and plans on announcing the #1 invention on Sunday. I think their obvious pick will be the World Wide Web. One poster
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