August 2005

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Predicting the Future

I am always trying to predict to future 5, 10, 20 years from now… (I am also trying to create the future, too, with my products… We’ll see…)  Looking back at predictions from 1990, I seen and heard a number of predictions that have or are close to coming true.
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Innovation Trends

In the computer industry, a lot of advance innovative work in computer science is being driven in academia. I suspect over time that as an industry becomes more mature that the major drivers of innovation shift from universities to corporate research labs. Large corporations steadily accumulate greater wealth over time
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On Intelligence

Over my lifetime, I developed a set of unintuitive tenets from studying various disciplines such as psychology, economics, biology, statistics, computer science and so on. These tenets hold that from simple, unintelligent forces can emerge efficient, complex, and seemingly intelligent behavior. Obvious examples include the “invisible hand” in economics and
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