October 2005

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3D Framework

Chris Anderson points to the beginnings of a 3D application framework in Avalon. This is the sort of work that will make 3D effects pervasive on mainstream applications. I use the free ray-tracer, POVRAY, to create three-dimensional images. Its scene description language is pretty high-level with a large number of object primitives and
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That's Impossible

I developed my software idea and worked on my business plan for over a year during my MBA program. As I was explaining my ideas, I had a number of students who expressed doubts based on “common sense” heuristics about my ability to produce the technology my business is based
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Content-Aware Desktop Applications

I made prior pronouncements that I would talk more about what I am working on. Over the past couple months, I struggled with how much of what I am doing that I want to make public. Joel makes a good point that one should be tightlipped about upcoming products in
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Programmer's Myopia -- Natural Language Grammars

I previously wrote about Programmer’s Myopia, an affliction that a developer acquires, when he becomes fascinated and absorbed by a particular programming concept. In the writing profession, authors are warned not to become too attached to their “baby,” which is probably best edited out. I recently talked with another ex-Microsoft
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50 Years From Now

I was speaking to a woman in her 80’s, and it was remarkable hearing about a different age in which she lived through World War II as a young adult. Fifty years from now, I will be over 80 and living in a changed world that will be every bit
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