February 2006

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Use Patterns

The next version of C++0x introduces a new feature called “concepts” to improve template metaprogramming. Concepts are based on “use patterns,” a powerful yet simple technique for compilers writers to enhance a programming language easily without adding new syntax. concept Mutable_fw<typename Iter, typename T> { Var<Iter> p; // a variable of
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NStatic Directions

Last year after attending the Shareware Industry Conferences, I was surprised how much people were able to make with one or two products. TechSmith supports over 100 employees with two products, SnagIt and Camtasia. Another developer sells a product, which is extremely narrow and technologically basic yet generates over $200K
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NStatic Walkthrough

This is the current user interface of NStatic. By the time, the user interface will undergo additional changes before I release it. The tool is capable of analyzing code in isolation and handling ambiguities due to incomplete information (such as whether a symbol is a type or a variable). In
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UI Decisions

There are hundreds of little issues to take care of before delivering a product… This is almost an endurance test. I think that I know how a new mother must feel going through labor. My product is GUI-only, which may be a problem for command-line folks. Command-line output is complicated
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