UI Decisions

2/8/2006 2:00:07 AM

UI Decisions


There are hundreds of little issues to take care of before delivering a product… This is almost an endurance test. I think that I know how a new mother must feel going through labor.

My product is GUI-only, which may be a problem for command-line folks. Command-line output is complicated by the fact that some errors span multiple lines and functions.

I am currently deciding where the optimal placement of the “Scan” button (the most important button in the product) and the progress bar should be.

If I place it in the toolbar, it seems that I would have to make the toolbar twice as large, with maybe bold text to highlight its location. This does make all the other buttons larger with less room for other standard buttons for editing source files.

I could also place the scan button in a separate docking pane, but then I lose real estate that could be use for providing additional information. I also explored placing the progress bar in the status bar.

In the picture above, I have shown both scenarios.






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