September 2006

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Vista Issues

I have been testing my software under Vista pre-RC1 (5536) and noticed some issues. My multithreaded application is no longer as responsive as it was under Windows XP during scanning. I had done the right thing and separated the scanning code from the UI thread; I also gave the scanning
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Framework Bug #1

This snippet is from the file _baseoverlappedasyncresult.cs in the SSCLI project (aka Rotor). This function is used in the Base Class Library of the .NET Framework. private void InternalFree() { m_Overlapped = null; m_PinnedObjects = null; if (m_NativeOverlapped != IntPtr.Zero) { unsafe
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Last April, I wrote about a profound design change I was making into my document-based applications, which was to make all my document data structures immutable--standard practice in some functional programming languages. My original motivation was to make each of my model objects an expression that I could work with
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Software Design Philosophy

 A year ago, I wrote that I would soon describe my software design philosophy in developing commercial desktop applications. I never actually did write directly on my philosophy. I still had unresolved design issues, which I have since resolved through making document and view objects immutable. I also felt that it
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