October 2006

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Real World Specs

Omer van Kloeten talks about Spec# in the Real World and points to Mike Barnett's talk about Spec# in the Lang.NET Symposium. While he likes the technology, he's worried that most developers will find it too inconvenient to use. I am planning on adding specifications support including syntax highlighting on
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Interprocedural Analysis

One distinctive feature of my static analysis tool, NStatic, is support for fast interprocedural analysis as demonstrated by this snapshot of the callstack window depicting a stack trace, eleven function calls deep. Note that this is a pre-release product, and anything I mention in this post is subject to change.
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Last Mile

I have got another month of UI tweaking and bug-fixing left on my tool. Probably within that time I will released a non-public build to the few dozen people on my beta list, followed sometime later by a more extensive beta. I am currently planning on talking about NSTATIC during a
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NStatic Status

I currently have 29 active bugs in my plate for the NStatic. The noise in my blog has been low, as I have been very busy developing and fixing bugs. I am thinking of saving all the "Rotor" Shared Source CLI bugs that I find in a list to be
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Turing Test and Loebner Prize Competition

A couple of weeks ago, the 2006 Loebner Prize competition was held. Back when I was at Harvard in the early 1990s,  the annual Loebner Prize Competition was created as the first real-life version of the "Turing Test," described in Turing's article "Computing Machinery and Intelligence" to answer the question "Can Computers
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