Last Mile

10/23/2006 10:14:30 AM

Last Mile


I have got another month of UI tweaking and bug-fixing left on my tool. Probably within that time I will released a non-public build to the few dozen people on my beta list, followed sometime later by a more extensive beta.

I am currently planning on talking about NSTATIC during a NETDA user group meeting on December 4th (not finalized yet) at building 40 in the Microsoft campus.

There’s some additional issues that I am starting to think about — my website, ecommerce, documentation, and localization.

I purchased a number of CSS-based site templates, but I am seriously looking at having a professional build my initial site. My initial site will be simple, focusing on providing information and directing customers to a Digital River page for purchases. I’ll also include a forum powered by InstantForum.NET for community-based support (ala FeedDemon).

I will be writing blog posts about different details of my product to spur myself to write documentation.

For localization, I am looking at using the Microsoft Glossaries in MSDN and the Microsoft Terminology Translations spreadsheet. The languages that I am looking at include German, French, Spanish, Portuguese. These are the most popular Western languages. Japanese is another big one, but there are probably other Far East issues besides text translation. Actually since I am automating the translation, I could probably extend it to other languages. The .NET Framework has a really nice localization story for WinForms. 

I might get beta testers via a web-service to contribute translated suggestions.  Fortunately, much of the error text I will be displaying will actually be pulled off dynamically directly from the source code or from the Framework DLLs in the current locale.






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