December 2006

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Source code analysis is not really the focus of my software company. I am just trying to build a fast and intelligent reasoning system to support the development of my other applications. I decided to develop NStatic as a testbed for my core AI technology. It was actually supposed to be
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Program Verification

J Strother Moore described program verification in his talk entitled “A Mechanized Program Verifier” at the 2005 Verification Grand Challenge Workshop. The verification community seeks to build a system that can follow the reasoning of an average human engaged in a creative, computational, problem solving task lasting months or years
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Bullets Flying My Way

Larry O'Brien has been questioning my critique of Fred Brook's essay, "No Silver Bullets" in my post Lego Programming. Actually, he turned my post into a strawman argument and tied my name to an argument that I didn’t really make—that IDEs are a silver bullet. IDEs certainly have introduced a
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Confirmed Talk

I managed to get a confirmed date for a talk at the .NET Developers Association. Here is the event link, soon to be updated with my bio, photo and topic synopsis. This was the first open presentation date. It's a General Meeting on Monday, February 5, 2007 at Microsoft Building
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