Confirmed Talk

12/5/2006 11:57:06 AM

Confirmed Talk

I managed to get a confirmed date for a talk at the .NET Developers Association. Here is the event link, soon to be updated with my bio, photo and topic synopsis. This was the first open presentation date. It's a General Meeting on Monday, February 5, 2007 at Microsoft Building 40, Steptoe Room #1450.

The title of the talk will be "Static Analysis," which will be a short survey of the market followed by a demonstration of my product and a high-level description of the approach I used. I'll mention some other products in the best possible light using each company's own words, but won't be making any direct, sensitive comparisons; my primary purpose is to build awareness of static analysis tools. After I talk, I'll post slides and notes in my blog.

I thought that my original date was blown off, but it appears that the event coordinator was on vacation. He wrote me yesterday saying "BIG THANKS for presenting to the group."






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