March 2007

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Spec# is Out

Spec# for Visual Studio 2005 is out now… Perhaps, we will see this along with Pex in the version of VS following Orcas. Here’s the description of Spec# in the Microsoft Research site: Spec# is an experimental language that extends C# with several design-by-contract features. The new features of Spec# include a
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Static Analysis Tools at the Summit

The MVP Summit saw three different demos of various static analysis tools demoed to MVPs. I know all of the developers of the tools and even hinted at times at whether we should provide some links or integration, since our tools have somewhat mutually exclusive functionality. Serge Baranovsky demonstrated his beta analysis
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Parameterized Unit Tests

Andrew Stopford wrote about a Microsoft Research technology called parameterized testing being developed on a project called Pex (Program EXploration). Pex is described as an… …intelligent assistant to the programmer. By automatically generating unit tests, it allows [one] to find bug early. In addition, it suggests to the programmer hot to fix
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Code and Data

Usually, when I mention functional programming to other developers, they will unconsciously close their arms and legs—a sure sign of resistance. These developers are naturally suspicious of another new, better “programming” paradigm, so I have learned to zip my mouth. They don’t see the possibility of code becoming more declarative and
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Anonymous Recursion

I was planning on writing about anonymous recursion relating to work in NStatic, but Wes Dyer beat me to the punch with his post Anonymous Recursion in C#. In addition to my name, Wes Dyer shares my desire to push a more functional style of programming in C# (and he's also
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