Static Analysis Tools at the Summit

3/18/2007 3:44:06 AM

Static Analysis Tools at the Summit

The MVP Summit saw three different demos of various static analysis tools demoed to MVPs. I know all of the developers of the tools and even hinted at times at whether we should provide some links or integration, since our tools have somewhat mutually exclusive functionality.

Serge Baranovsky demonstrated his beta analysis tool, CodeIt.Right, which is similar to FXCop, but offers refactoring capabilities. Serge actually lives close to me and attend my NStatic presentation in February.

Patrick Smacchia demonstrated NDepends 2.0. Raymond Lewallen [MVP] reported that NDepend made a huge splash in Redmond.

I couldn't be happier for my friend Patrick Smacchia - the creator of NDepend.  Anybody who knows me knows that I am NDepend's biggest fan, other than Patrick himself, and really, really want to see the product hit mainstream use and make Patrick rich beyond his wildest dreams!

There wasn't a day that went by that I wasn't able to talk to Patrick, but that was quite difficult.  You see, everytime I ran into Patrick, he was being mobbed by groups of developers that were amazed at what NDepend is able to do, and what you are able to do with it.  There is no telling how many times he demo'd his product (he even had the opportunity to demo his product to a Microsoft developer group in private), but his enthusiam for the product is matched by nobody, and its great to see how his excitement during demos is passed into those around him, getting them just as excited about the product.

Its amazing to see how many people still do not understand code metrics and how easily available the information is.  And then to add on a query language - that just blows people's minds.

This follows from Raymond’s post last month comparing NDepend with new code metrics in Orcas March CTP.

… However, VS code metrics have a long, long ways to go before its going to be something that I use for serious analysis.  That's where NDepend comes in.  NDepend supplies over 60 quality and useful code metrics, and also has its own query language that Patrick calls CQL.  Its easy to use and is part of my formal build process.  Its going to be very hard for anything to dethrone NDepend as the king of code metrics.

I demonstrated NStatic to about a dozen people including Patrick Smacchia, Raymond Lewallen, Scott Hanselman. One idea mentioned to me separately by both Patrick and Scott was the incorporation of code metrics given the amount of semantic knowledge I extract. I could even invent my own metrics. [UPDATE: Raymond also mentioned my product in a post “Another big splash in Redmond – NStatic.”]






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