June 2007

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NStatic Plans

Update In my last post, I just mentioned some thoughts about where I would be going with the post-V1. I not making major development changes at this point, so as not to delay the product any longer. Even before adding WPF and developing with Orcas, though, there are quite a
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Loops, Part 1

I was hoping to post at a rate of once a day highlighting some area of NStatic, but I have found myself busy eliminating bugs. This is my first post on loops, but I will likely be expanding on it on the future. One feature that is possibly unique to
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Equation Solving

One of the side benefits of the NStatic Tool is the ability to solve various types of equations or systems of equations. One set of problems is the solving of systems of equations in linear algebra. In the example above, we have three equations with three unknowns. Since all three
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Execution Paths

There were a few items that I didn't show in previous posts on my attempts at visually illustrating execution traces leading to an error or breakpoint. One is the superimposing of arrows of all possible paths together. For all errors or breakpoints of the same type in the same location with the same
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