NStatic Usability

7/18/2007 12:23:05 PM

NStatic Usability

I have invested the past three weeks into the NStatic user interface, polishing it up and considering how it will eventually be used. I didn't feel that the previous user interface was acceptable.

I'll take it to beta when it feels just right; I don't think it make sense to do it when there are still bugs that I am aware of.

I have given thought to the many different areas of the product:

  • Interactivity. The performance of the tool is such that it is possible to interactively modify state and execute code in the context of the error. Much of the tool such as the intellisense, the class view, the error window, and file structure view are already synchronized in real time with text editor. The error window actually incorporates syntax errors dynamically as code as being edited.
  • Manipulating and viewing the data. I have also captured much more statistics and allowed many different ways of viewing the data within the tool.
  • Exporting the data. There are multiple ways to send and export data.
  • Fixing the bug. I have also considered the process of visiting and fixing the data, and preventing some types of errors from appearing in future scans. This process is much like how Outlook allows one to manage inbox message.

I suspect that this product will be much more pleasing to the eyes and richer in functionality than people will have been expecting.






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