November 2007

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Smart Machines

Recently, I got a email from the reader... You are only about money, yes? You want to start a new company for research and development into AI technology.. For the money. What else? How else could anyone be so ignorant of consciousness? It is money the blinds. I searched my
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I noticed work by SuperCompilers, LLC on supercompilation that takes on the myth of the sufficiently smart compiler (which I previously wrote in my post on Humans vs Computers). Their technology seems very similar to my work with its reliance on partial evaluation. The company deals with the same sort of criticisms
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Semantic Computing

Walter Stiers from the Academic Relations Team at Microsoft wrote that Microsoft Research is accepting proposals for Semantic Computing. His post caught my eye, because of what I am working on, which can basically be described as semantic computing. I like the phrase used, "semantic computing." It reminded me of
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