October 2011

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Siri Technology

Considerable press puffery has followed Apple’s announcement of Siri dramatizing the significant nature of the natural language technology. Siri is touted as a $200 million DARPA-funded research in the same league as the Internet and GPS. Siri is much advanced over existing popular voice control technology in its acceptance of
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Siri and the Human Connection—The Eliza Effect

In accordance with combining technology with the liberal arts, I believe that Apple attempted in Siri to establish a more human connection to the iPhone user, first, by allowing it to understand free-form conversation and, second, by giving it a personality whereby the user may feel that she has a
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Technology & Liberal Arts

Steve Jobs often attributes that the popularity of Apple products comes from merging technology with the humanities. During the introduction of the first iPad, Jobs notes that "the reason that Apple is able to create products like iPad is because we always try to be at the intersection of technology
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Siri and the AI Revolution

With natural user interfaces (like touchscreens and microphones) and sensory rich devices (like GPS and cameras) rapidly become mainstream due to the rise of smartphones and tablets alongside growing acceptance of speech recognition, augmented reality and now the conversational UI in the form of Siri, there’s been growing predictions of
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Conversational Interfaces: Siri & Shrdlu

Apple announced Siri as a voice-activated “personal assistant” available exclusively in the iPhone 4S. Siri reminds of a few projects from the past, but it’s the first apparent demonstration of natural language understanding in a consumer product (excluding simplistic natural-language-based games like Zork). First, it’s the realization of the conversational
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