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Building Software that Understands

One of the most common points of skepticism I face from people is the notion that computers can understanding anything. Meaning, they presume, is the province of human thought and not mechanical computation. Even as conversational assistants like Siri, Watson and Google Now have reached mainstream usage, the numerous failures
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Microsoft AI Initiatives

Several computer science classes focus on algorithms. These include classes in data structures, artificial intelligence, computer graphics and numerical computing. Some of these data structures are quite involved and I have felt that they should be incorporated inside system libraries. Many of the classical data structures have in the 1990s
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Conversational Interfaces Redux

In the past, I have talked about conversational interfaces with posts like the “Turing Test and the Loebner Prize Competition.” My interests are not purely theoretical, as I have actively explored integrating natural language deeply into applications in such ways as interpreting all text inside documents and code files and
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Siri Technology

Considerable press puffery has followed Apple’s announcement of Siri dramatizing the significant nature of the natural language technology. Siri is touted as a $200 million DARPA-funded research in the same league as the Internet and GPS. Siri is much advanced over existing popular voice control technology in its acceptance of
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Siri and the Human Connection—The Eliza Effect

In accordance with combining technology with the liberal arts, I believe that Apple attempted in Siri to establish a more human connection to the iPhone user, first, by allowing it to understand free-form conversation and, second, by giving it a personality whereby the user may feel that she has a
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Siri and the AI Revolution

With natural user interfaces (like touchscreens and microphones) and sensory rich devices (like GPS and cameras) rapidly become mainstream due to the rise of smartphones and tablets alongside growing acceptance of speech recognition, augmented reality and now the conversational UI in the form of Siri, there’s been growing predictions of
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Conversational Interfaces: Siri & Shrdlu

Apple announced Siri as a voice-activated “personal assistant” available exclusively in the iPhone 4S. Siri reminds of a few projects from the past, but it’s the first apparent demonstration of natural language understanding in a consumer product (excluding simplistic natural-language-based games like Zork). First, it’s the realization of the conversational
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Smart Software Should Get Out Of Your Way

Nick Bradbury, author of several successful software products, writes that "Smart Software Should Get Out of Your Way." If you believe the tech pundits, “smart” software should predict what we’ll do so it can perform the next action faster.  “Smart” software should automatically correct our mistakes.  And “smart” software should
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Computation as the Ultimate Metaphor

Rodney Brook, an AI professor at MIT and author of Flesh and Machine, wrote this response "Computation as the Ultimate Metaphor" to a question posed by the Edge Foundation, "What have you changed your mind about during the 2007?" The Edge Foundation is a site that I have long subscribed
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Human-like Reasoning

My goal in my static analysis work is not to solve general problems like the Four Color Theorem, but rather to simulate closely the human reasoning process to solve problems that are generated, comprehendible, and solvable by normal people. Practical and deep, rather than complete. Humans write programs to be
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Smart Machines

Recently, I got a email from the reader... You are only about money, yes? You want to start a new company for research and development into AI technology.. For the money. What else? How else could anyone be so ignorant of consciousness? It is money the blinds. I searched my
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Semantic Computing

Walter Stiers from the Academic Relations Team at Microsoft wrote that Microsoft Research is accepting proposals for Semantic Computing. His post caught my eye, because of what I am working on, which can basically be described as semantic computing. I like the phrase used, "semantic computing." It reminded me of
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Symbolic Computing

I picked up from Slashdot that Mathematica 6, a program for doing computer algebra, was released. Among the features are equational theorem proving, which is similar to the work that I am doing. More than any other product, Mathematica embodies symbolic computing, and this recent post on the Wolfram blog, Symbolic
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Code and Data

Usually, when I mention functional programming to other developers, they will unconsciously close their arms and legs—a sure sign of resistance. These developers are naturally suspicious of another new, better “programming” paradigm, so I have learned to zip my mouth. They don’t see the possibility of code becoming more declarative and
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Bullets Flying My Way

Larry O'Brien has been questioning my critique of Fred Brook's essay, "No Silver Bullets" in my post Lego Programming. Actually, he turned my post into a strawman argument and tied my name to an argument that I didn’t really make—that IDEs are a silver bullet. IDEs certainly have introduced a
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