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Content-Aware Desktop Applications

I made prior pronouncements that I would talk more about what I am working on. Over the past couple months, I struggled with how much of what I am doing that I want to make public. Joel makes a good point that one should be tightlipped about upcoming products in
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Programmer's Myopia -- Natural Language Grammars

I previously wrote about Programmer’s Myopia, an affliction that a developer acquires, when he becomes fascinated and absorbed by a particular programming concept. In the writing profession, authors are warned not to become too attached to their “baby,” which is probably best edited out. I recently talked with another ex-Microsoft
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On Intelligence

Over my lifetime, I developed a set of unintuitive tenets from studying various disciplines such as psychology, economics, biology, statistics, computer science and so on. These tenets hold that from simple, unintelligent forces can emerge efficient, complex, and seemingly intelligent behavior. Obvious examples include the “invisible hand” in economics and
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Human vs Computer

In my post Disruptive Programming Languages, I snared Ian Griffiths into my trap. Ian Griffiths is an .NET author and instructor at DevelopMentor and writes lots of low-level .NET articles on the web. I own his book .NET Windows Forms in a Nutshell. Maybe he’s getting back at me, after
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Language Oriented Programming

About eight months ago, I wrote about a major paradigm shift in programming within the next three years. This shift would mark the emergence of graphical source code editors and allow developers to manipulate the deep structure of code directly. There’s been major discussion in the blogosphere recently on this
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Looking Back at My CS Education A Decade Later

When I taking computer science (and applied math) back in college over a decade ago, nearly all of the content was heavily theoretical and virtually impractical to me at the time. The Computer Science department proceeded with the belief that the courses will not delve into any specific programming language
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Natural Language Understanding

Language is not magical. There is a common belief that computers can't think the way humans can. Even if we could parse a sentence into it's grammatical structure, how can the computer utilize and understand the parse tree. There is an area of natural language processing called semantics, which takes
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Artificial Intelligence is my pet computer science topic. I first took an AI course at Columbia University while I was in high school, and was completely entralled. Now a decade and half later, I am devoting my life to developing intelligent software on my own. I recently read a quote
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Intentional Programming, Again

Looks like there is a video on Intentional Programming demonstrating a prototype. It actually is very much what I described earlier. Source code is stored in some abstract form in database as a series of "identities," which essentially means the same as object. Intentional Programming aims to abstract away programming
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Intentional Programming

There's an interesting thread on Intentional Programming in the comments of my post predicting changes to code editing. Intentional Programming was coined by Charles Simonyi, a famous Microsoft Distinguished Engineer, who helped bring Word. Having free reign at Microsoft, he's been pursuing his pet project for IP for over a
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Graphical Source Code Editors

I want to eliminate some confusion in my earlier post about source code editors becoming more graphical. Michael Teper said that I went off the deep end. By graphical, I don't mean any UML, flow chart or diagrammatic view with drag and drop. It's still a text editor, in the
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Whidbey May Miss the Next Coding Revolution

The Visual Studio.NET source code editing capabilities have consistently lagged the competition, mainly in the Java space. While Whidbey introduces some much needed enhancements to the C# (and VB) IDE such as refactoring and dynamic code formatting to catch, I predict that Whidbey will find itself once again behind the
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Kurzweil's Law -- Moore's Law Generalized

Ray Kurzweil, famous inventor and AI philosopher, has a fascinating article on "The Law of Accelerating Returns" that generalizes on Moore's Law and reaches stunning conclusions about the past and the future of technology. The driving force in Moore's law (that of accelerating returns or positive feedback) are a natural
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Will Machines Become Conscious?

I came across this link "Will Machines Become Conscious?" in KurzweilAI.NET. Ray Kurzweil is a leading expert on artificial intelligence and wrote the book the "Age of Intelligent Machines." One of the companies that Kurzweil founded is ScanSoft, which develops scanner technology to convert images to text. It is a
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Human-like Software

I have started a software company, called SoftPerson, and am currently writing software which uses artificial intelligence to create new kinds of desktop applications. In the type of software we develop, the "software" acts like "person" (typically refered to agent in AI literature) in its ability to help construct documents
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SoftPerson develops innovative new desktop software applications by incorporating artificial intelligence and natural language technologies to bring human-like intelligence to everyday applications.

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