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That's Impossible

I developed my software idea and worked on my business plan for over a year during my MBA program. As I was explaining my ideas, I had a number of students who expressed doubts based on “common sense” heuristics about my ability to produce the technology my business is based
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A Nation of Entrepreneurs

Paul Graham states his belief that there could be ten times more startups than they currently are. If I were worth hundreds of millions of dollars and had a private foundation, I would pour my money into initiatives and programs that would spurred entrepreneurship. If I were a governor or
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Planning a Product Years in Advance

When developing a new product that will eventually ship years after the planning stage, it’s important to remember that the competitive landscape will be very different when the product actually ships. When Office 97 was originally entering the planning stages in 1994, Netscape did not exist and Microsoft employees did
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Human-like Software

I have started a software company, called SoftPerson, and am currently writing software which uses artificial intelligence to create new kinds of desktop applications. In the type of software we develop, the "software" acts like "person" (typically refered to agent in AI literature) in its ability to help construct documents
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Why did I leave Microsoft?

I came to Microsoft in Summer of 1994, after being recruited from Harvard College. I had worked in Excel group for the six years that I have been there up until August 2000. From there, I did my MBA program in UCLA Anderson School of Business, because it was California,
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SoftPerson develops innovative new desktop software applications by incorporating artificial intelligence and natural language technologies to bring human-like intelligence to everyday applications.

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