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I started working on NStatic a little under a decade ago. It went through several iterations of development with major design changes that broke a lot of functionality in order to achieve the product I dreamed of. For instance, one goal was to be able to prove the correctness of
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Plans for Year 2015

My company is SoftPerson, which specializes in “semantic computing” in everyday general-purpose applications. The past decade or so was one of a lot of reading, research and experimentation with entirely new technologies and user experiences, but no product. I can’t really continue for more than another year without revenues, so
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Human-like Reasoning

My goal in my static analysis work is not to solve general problems like the Four Color Theorem, but rather to simulate closely the human reasoning process to solve problems that are generated, comprehendible, and solvable by normal people. Practical and deep, rather than complete. Humans write programs to be
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I noticed work by SuperCompilers, LLC on supercompilation that takes on the myth of the sufficiently smart compiler (which I previously wrote in my post on Humans vs Computers). Their technology seems very similar to my work with its reliance on partial evaluation. The company deals with the same sort of criticisms
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My main tasks in the past couple of months have been divided between bug-fixing and improving scalability. In the latter case, testing on large projects revealed bottlenecks caused by uncontrolled expression growth, for which I came up with a general solution. I have been spending a considerable amount of time
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I wrote my NStatic tool to perform quickly with the goal of scaling linearly with the size of the code base. Analysis of a single terminal function is done in a single pass and is basically linear with the size of a function. Performance is impacted more by the call
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VB & Other .NET Languages

Send me mail if you are interested in beta testing experimental Visual Basic or IL+PDB support (for other .NET languages including C++/CLR--please specify language) if and when I do include it in an NStatic beta. I don't know if I'll be able to handle DLR-based languages. There's a slight chance
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Omniscient Debugging

Bill Lewis of Tufts University, who is a computer scientist who has worked on natural language processing, gave a fascinating Google TechTalks lecture on "Debugging Back in Time." He also has a page dedicated to this new idea of Omniscient Debugging, where the debugger knows everything. The omniscient debugger records every
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Methods, Part 1

Method handling is difficult in static analysis. I will describe in a few parts some of the issues that I have had to deal with. I demonstrated in earlier posts my handling of recursive functions in Loops, Part 1. In this post, I will show how I elegantly handle virtual
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NStatic Usability

I have invested the past three weeks into the NStatic user interface, polishing it up and considering how it will eventually be used. I didn't feel that the previous user interface was acceptable. I'll take it to beta when it feels just right; I don't think it make sense to
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Loops, Part 2

This is the second in a multi-part series on loop handling, which will be followed by treatments on methods, state, and other interesting areas of static analysis. I have tried to be as general as possible in my code analysis, while still remaining efficient, such as in how I deal with
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NStatic Plans

Update In my last post, I just mentioned some thoughts about where I would be going with the post-V1. I not making major development changes at this point, so as not to delay the product any longer. Even before adding WPF and developing with Orcas, though, there are quite a
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Loops, Part 1

I was hoping to post at a rate of once a day highlighting some area of NStatic, but I have found myself busy eliminating bugs. This is my first post on loops, but I will likely be expanding on it on the future. One feature that is possibly unique to
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Equation Solving

One of the side benefits of the NStatic Tool is the ability to solve various types of equations or systems of equations. One set of problems is the solving of systems of equations in linear algebra. In the example above, we have three equations with three unknowns. Since all three
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Execution Paths

There were a few items that I didn't show in previous posts on my attempts at visually illustrating execution traces leading to an error or breakpoint. One is the superimposing of arrows of all possible paths together. For all errors or breakpoints of the same type in the same location with the same
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