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Coming Along

NStatic is not yet in beta. I have a couple of people on NStatic, and am still fixing a number of bugs. I also have events going on in my life. (surprise) My parents and siblings flew in the first week of May to visit me, which I targeted mid-to-late date for
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Bug Tracking

I have just set up a Fogbugz bug-tracking site for the upcoming beta of NStatic at I have over a hundred people on my beta list, and this is where the bug-reporting action is going to be. The site uses FogBugz On Demand (beta) and includes a page for
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SecretGeek recently has two articles on software estimation: Are We There Yet? Using Circles to Measure Progress Why Accurate Estimations are Just Not Possible I didn’t make my April 15th, but I think I am close to a beta release. I went through the first week sick, possibly through chemical
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Spec# is Out

Spec# for Visual Studio 2005 is out now… Perhaps, we will see this along with Pex in the version of VS following Orcas. Here’s the description of Spec# in the Microsoft Research site: Spec# is an experimental language that extends C# with several design-by-contract features. The new features of Spec# include a
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Static Analysis Tools at the Summit

The MVP Summit saw three different demos of various static analysis tools demoed to MVPs. I know all of the developers of the tools and even hinted at times at whether we should provide some links or integration, since our tools have somewhat mutually exclusive functionality. Serge Baranovsky demonstrated his beta analysis
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Parameterized Unit Tests

Andrew Stopford wrote about a Microsoft Research technology called parameterized testing being developed on a project called Pex (Program EXploration). Pex is described as an… …intelligent assistant to the programmer. By automatically generating unit tests, it allows [one] to find bug early. In addition, it suggests to the programmer hot to fix
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Anonymous Recursion

I was planning on writing about anonymous recursion relating to work in NStatic, but Wes Dyer beat me to the punch with his post Anonymous Recursion in C#. In addition to my name, Wes Dyer shares my desire to push a more functional style of programming in C# (and he's also
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NStatic Presentation, II

This is a continuation of my previous post NStatic Presentation. This half of the presentation was more about technical details. Many in the audience didn't really seem to understand what I was trying to say. Slide# 11 -- Smarter Analysis I stated in my presentation that my goal in this
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NStatic Presentation

I gave a presentation and demo of NStatic to the .NET Developer Associations user group yesterday. There were at least two readers of my blog that showed up including Serge Baranovsky of VBCity. Serge actually sells a static analysis tool, so I was demonstrating to the competition. I received a
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Source code analysis is not really the focus of my software company. I am just trying to build a fast and intelligent reasoning system to support the development of my other applications. I decided to develop NStatic as a testbed for my core AI technology. It was actually supposed to be
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Program Verification

J Strother Moore described program verification in his talk entitled “A Mechanized Program Verifier” at the 2005 Verification Grand Challenge Workshop. The verification community seeks to build a system that can follow the reasoning of an average human engaged in a creative, computational, problem solving task lasting months or years
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Confirmed Talk

I managed to get a confirmed date for a talk at the .NET Developers Association. Here is the event link, soon to be updated with my bio, photo and topic synopsis. This was the first open presentation date. It's a General Meeting on Monday, February 5, 2007 at Microsoft Building
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Parameter Validation

One of my goals of my static analysis tool, NStatic, is to support parameter validation of API calls. My initial approach was to scan the Rotor (SSCLI) code base to automatically infer requirements on each of the parameters in the Base Class Library of the Framework. I also looked at
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Effortless UI, II

This is a followup to my original post on creating an effortless user interface for the user. In some of my earlier posts, “NStatic Status and Direct UI”, I mentioned the use of arrows and other markup to depict the flow of execution up to the current error or breakpoint.
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Real World Specs

Omer van Kloeten talks about Spec# in the Real World and points to Mike Barnett's talk about Spec# in the Lang.NET Symposium. While he likes the technology, he's worried that most developers will find it too inconvenient to use. I am planning on adding specifications support including syntax highlighting on
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