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NStatic Directions

Last year after attending the Shareware Industry Conferences, I was surprised how much people were able to make with one or two products. TechSmith supports over 100 employees with two products, SnagIt and Camtasia. Another developer sells a product, which is extremely narrow and technologically basic yet generates over $200K
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NStatic Walkthrough

This is the current user interface of NStatic. By the time, the user interface will undergo additional changes before I release it. The tool is capable of analyzing code in isolation and handling ambiguities due to incomplete information (such as whether a symbol is a type or a variable). In
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UI Decisions

There are hundreds of little issues to take care of before delivering a product… This is almost an endurance test. I think that I know how a new mother must feel going through labor. My product is GUI-only, which may be a problem for command-line folks. Command-line output is complicated
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Bugs versus Limitations

In my code analysis tool, I capture just about every feature of a source code file into an internal memory representation. The information that I collect will be more useful in future products and internal tools. However, when it comes to interpreting the code, I ignore a lot of that same
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NStatic Status

I wanted to get this application out for private beta testing before Christmas, before I embarked on my two-week vacation at my parents’ home in New York. However, I didn’t like having to write a lot of rules that embodied just a few general principles, and I realize that I
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Intelligence vs Intellisense

My main gripe with Microsoft is that the company doesn’t know how to write “smart” software. (Much of the industry doesn’t either, but, since Microsoft is the leader…) The current tendency among software developers is to determine the minimum work needed that can be done to help users. This is
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NStatic and Exceptions

In my post, Static Analysis, George Tsiokos requests for feature…Feature request: Exceptions!I'm looking for a static analysis tool that can tell me all possible exceptions for an object's method call, constructor, etc. I would also like details on the code-path that generates the exception and not have specific ties to
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As I am mentioned in my post on Static Analysis, I am working on a static analysis called NStatic, which behaves more intelligently than most code analysis tools out in the market. More details in upcoming posts. I have already registered the domain name, “” This isn’t actually the main
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Static Analysis

I mentioned earlier in my post “Get Your Butt Outta Bed and Build Something” that I would be shipping subproducts before my main product. My main product (which shall remain secret) is general-purpose desktop application and may attract an audience that requires more hand-holding and is less tolerant of inevitable
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